25 februari

CONCERT + EXPO: In holes we all

GC Pianofabriek
Rue du Fort, 35
1060 Saint-Gilles
+32 2 541 01 70

In holes we all @ Pianofabriek
A series of exhibitions of Brussels-based artists and collectives, both beginners and experienced, with diverse backgrounds.
Free entry, with concert by Thomas Antonios at 18:00 in the café:
Vernissage from 19:00
holes we all

all we holes In holes we whole In whole we all In all we whole

This exhibition is the first collaboration between the artists Izabela Czarna and Maud Gourdon. Both bonded over their common use of decorative elements, their shared interest in modern spirituality and their critical view on consumer society. De facto, their installation 'In holes we all’ questions and explores the use of structures and decorative elements as a critical means of our consumption habits, but also as a spiritual means.

The project spiralled from Czarna’s and Gourdon’s interest in wormholes: speculative structures connecting disparate points across space and time. Although chances that such formations exist are vanishingly small, they are of great interest for researchers and science fiction authors alike, offering a would-be gateway away from the myth of a pre-programmed apocalypse. Czarna presents a collection of images and objects from various sources that she assembles into collages. Arranged in space like a distorted timeline and a wallpaper frieze, the elements intertwine to formulate a new narrative and ornamental composée.

Gourdon presents two textile works titled Paniers Percés’, a French idiom that translates to both: to be a spendthrift’ and to never have enough’. Fabrics printed with the eco-printing technique - here using remains of vegetable and fruit skins - assembled with the patchwork technique, are utilised to disturb the exhibition space’s horizon in order to question the boundaries and future of our consumer culture. Both textiles were created alongside Martine Lefèvre. The artist’s installation In holes we all’ addresses a certain contemplation of the bystander.